Rummage & Renck Recruiting Rankings: 7/15/15 8:30 a.m.

Photo: Tim Haag
Photo: Tim Haag

Steve and I have decided to add a little bit to the recruiting posts this year. Instead of just posting the weekly notebook on Mondays, we will also post these rankings, which can be updated at any time of any day. This is kind of our version of what some would call their “big board.” In the ever changing world of college basketball recruiting, there was just too much change from week to week to only put out updates on Mondays. Now you will have this ongoing update as well as the usual Monday notebook, that will come with more detail on the players.

These rankings will not reflect how good we think each player is, but rather what we think the chances are that they end up at UofL. So the higher we have the player on the list, the more of a chance we see that he ends up at Louisville. Keep in mind, there aren’t many open scholarships at all. V.J. King has one, and that leaves only two more, which brings me to my next point…

These current rankings are based on the current situation. Maverick Rowan is not a Louisville Cardinal at the moment, so these rankings reflect the situation as it is. If Maverick commits to UofL, these rankings probably change.

Our biggest mover on our latest list is point guard Payton Pritchard, who was just offered a scholarship by the Cards after impressing the staff this past weekend. He recently decommitted from Oklahoma, and Louisville was recruiting him before he ever committed there, so this isn’t a brand new recruitment.

Because of that, we had to remove somebody, and we went with Josh Jackson, but we will continue to monitor him and if there is reason to put him back in the top 10, we certainly will.

So without anymore explanation, here is how we have ranked the top 10 guys on who may get those last two scholarships (two for now).

1) De’Aaron Fox – Point Guard

2) Markelle Fultz – Shooting Guard

3) Javin DeLaurier – Power Forward

4) Dennis Smith Jr. – Point Guard

5) Bruce Brown – Shooting Guard

6) Kameron McGusty – Point Guard/Shooting Guard

7) Payton Pritchard – Point Guard

8) Mustapha Herron – Shooting Guard/Small Forward

9) Rawle Alkins – Shooting Guard/Small Forward

10) Terrance Ferguson – Shooting Guard/Small Forward

To read more about these players, you can check out our most recent notebook, which came out on Monday.

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