Update on Pete Nochta

Pete Nochta

It has been a couple weeks since we have updated you on the condition of former Louisville football player Pete Nochta and his battle with lymphoma. Don’t forget, you can always donate to his gofundme page. Every little bit adds up.

The following update is from his friend Alyssa…

He just finished his second round of treatment two weeks ago and the nurses say that he is doing really well. He has two treatments down and four to go. Until then it’s gluten free diets, no sugar, wheat grass, low carbs and Mario Party. We will have more info after the 21st of this month when he goes to his knee doctor and gets some updates on whether the cancer in his bone has shrunk. By the looks of his knee compared to 6 weeks ago it has definitely decreased in size so fingers crossed that is the case.

He is feeling really good. The treatments will make him very tired for the first week or so but he bounces back like a champ. The continued support has been amazing and appreciated by him and his family. He finally lost all of his hair, which he hasn’t complained about at all. He’s just a strong and amazing person to get to be around all the time and all of the support is definitely helping him get through this tough time. I think that I speak for all of his friends when I say that he is an inspiration to all of us.

Once again, you can click here to donate to his gofundme page and help out with medical expenses, which are outrageous!

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