Live With 55: (7-22-15) Tendai Charasika, Ibn Green & Jawon Pass



This week on LiveWith55: We talk to Cardinals Forever Tendai Charasika and Ibn Green. We go over player development, life after football, Pass commitment and the running backs situation this season. I will also open up the phone lines to talk Jawon Pass. This should be fun. Tune in also to hear what the format for the show next week will  be. I am sure you will LOVE it!!



If you want to listen to the LiveWith55 podcast do the following:

Go to or hit one of the links we tweet or facebook out. Some variation of this next screen should pop up.



Click on the play button at the bottom left corner of the screen (on your phone) or top left corner of your screen (if it is a pc) if it doesn’t auto-load the podcast. Don’t click the play button in the middle of the CSZ logo. Then sit back and enjoy!

Thanks for your support and Go Cards!!

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