At open football practice, don’t fall into the trap

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

Over the next couple of days, and including today and yesterday, fans are able to go out and watch the Louisville Cardinals football practices. If you choose to attend any of these practices, I just ask that you don’t fall into the trap. What in the world am I talking about?

The “prisoner of the moment” trap.

It is pretty funny to me whenever I go to practices to just listen to other people around me. If a QB makes a bad throw, then “well he won’t see the field this year.” If a wide receiver makes a big catch, “he is going to be great this year.” It is easy to do. Everyone wants to be an expert and think they have a grasp on how the team is going to look and who is going to play where.

The truth? There is WAY too much time between now and September 5 to think we know who will start where. Fans can only watch these few practices. The only access to every practice after these until kickoff will be hearing coaches and players give post-practice interviews in which they will speak in cliches and say everything looks good and they are excited.

If you go to a practice and see that Reggie Bonnafon misses on a few passes, it does not mean he needs to change positions right now. On the other side of that, if Will Gardner looks like he did pre-injury from last year and has a good day, it does not mean he is the starter. It is one practice. And more than that, it is often one play at practice when these assessments from the sidelines take place.

I go to practice to just watch and get the football juices flowing. I don’t try to project our depth chart based on one day, or even 3-4 days. I leave that to the coaches who make a lot of money and are not only at that one practice, but every single practice everyday. And in the film room. And they know what they are looking for. And did I mention they make a lot of dollars to make these decisions?

So if you go to one of these practices, have fun and enjoy getting an up close and personal look at the team. If a guy has a good day, be happy for that, but it doesn’t mean he is going to win the Heisman. If a guy has a bad day, just know that it doesn’t necessarily mean he should transfer after practice.

Don’t be a prisoner of the moment. Don’t fall into the trap.

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