Tailgate with the Red Rage on Saturday

Red Rage

If you are heading to Atlanta this weekend for the Auburn game (IT’S SO CLOSE NOW!), you may be wondering where you should tailgate. Look no further, because you know you probably want to be apart of the Red Rage Tailgate. But maybe it isn’t for you. I mean it is basically a museum of Louisville Cardinals memorabilia, good music, good food, good drinks, a good time…and so on. If that isn’t for you, well then I apologize. Click below to view a map and see where the Red Rage will be setting up shop. Tailgate begins at 6 a.m. on Saturday!

Red Rage 3 Red Rage 2

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  1. I have 2 bus loads of people coming to the game (110 people) and we are parking at the Marshalling Yard. I was told by the Georgia Dome and World Congress that tailgating wasn’t allowed in the Marshalling Yard. If we brought our own tables and some food, would it be possible to join your tail gate?

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