Vote for the Red Rage to win the Ultimate Tailgater Contest!

Red Rage
Cardinal Sports Zone, Card Chronicle, and Red Rage all in one photo.

I have never had Gordo’s cheese dip (I don’t think), but I HAVE tailgated with the Red Rage Tailgate. And judging by the numbers of people that show up at their spot, you probably have too. If not, you have another chance to this Saturday. Why wouldn’t you? I will be there!

Anyways, it is time for Louisville fans to rally around the Red Rage and vote for them in the Gordo’s Cheese Dip Ultimate Tailgater contest. It is literally just a couple of clicks and you are done. One vote per video, per day. But there is really only one video to vote for, and that is our own David Magee.

So hit that button!!!

Click here and vote for the Red Rage!

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