ESPN’s ACC Week 5 Power Rankings

Photo: Tim Haag/
Photo: Tim Haag/

ESPN puts out a weekly power rankings list for the ACC. Although the rankings essentially don’t mean anything, it is good for conversation and good to see where the writers that cover the conference for ESPN see where your team stacks up. I believe I posted their power rankings from a couple of weeks ago and Louisville was 11th in the conference. They are making their way up the list now…

6. Louisville Cardinals (2-3, 1-1). After a horrendous start, Bobby Petrino seems to have his team settled down behind quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Cardinals have won two in a row and picked up a critical win against Atlantic foe NC State. For as bad as the season started, the Cardinals can still be a factor in the ACC race.

Louisville is off on Saturday, and their next game is October 17 at Florida State. The Seminoles host the Miami Hurricanes this Saturday night.

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