Jimbo Fisher post-practice interview 10/13/15

Photo: cbssports.com
Photo: cbssports.com

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher spoke to the media after practice on Tuesday. He talks about his team, previews the Cards a little bit and says they could very well be 4-1 or 5-0, and talks about Steve Spurrier. Some of his quotes (from seminoles.com) are below the video.

Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher post-practice quotes – Oct. 13, 2015
Opening Statement:
“Good Tuesday. Real good Tuesday. There were some things at the end we’ve got to push through, but much, much, much better practice. Learning to practice, learning to be consistent in all drills, going from drill to drill. We are still not where we want to be, but it’s coming. You can see it every day. A lot more consistency on both sides of the ball, and special teams.”

On Louisville being better than its 2-3 record:
“Look at the film. When (our team) looks at the film, they know it. That’s a good football team, and they know it. We’ve got to go play ball.”

On redshirt junior offensive lineman Kareem Are:
“Getting better. He didn’t practice today, we held him (out), but there’ll be a chance by the end of the week that he could be ready to go. He’s healing pretty quickly, and he works at it too.”

On the cohesiveness of the offensive line:
“It’s not all the way there. There’s still a lot of work to do, but they’re getting used to each other, understanding the play calls, what’s going on, and they’ve been in enough games now to realize, ‘I’ve done this game stuff, now it’s just doing my job’ and not getting caught up in the craziness.”

On redshirt freshman tight ends Mavin Saunders and Ryan Izzo:
“(Saunders) is developing in practice, getting better and better, learning to be that guy you can count on to put in games. He and Izzo bring a whole different dimension. When this whole thing is said and done, those two are going to be really, really good players. They have size, they can block, and they can get vertical – they’re athletic and have tremendous ball skills.

“(We’ll get them on the field together) when they’re ready and the packages come that we need in the game. We’ll be ready to do that.”

On Steve Spurrier’s resignation from South Carolina:
“One of the great coaches of all time. A great guy, too. In the time I’ve spent around him and his wife Jerri, they’ve been great people. College football lost a great guy.

“In 1993 and ’94 we had two great games against him at Auburn when we had that 20-game winning streak. He’d throw the ball around when everyone else was pounding it in there, but if you go back and look at his numbers, he had a lot of rushing yards with his backs, too. There’s a lot of balance in there. He may throw it a lot early, but he’d run it at the end and milk the clock and do the things he had to do. There was a lot of balance. Steve’s one of the great football coaches of all time, and one of the great offensive minds.

“Look at what he did at Duke before that. He’s won everywhere. He’s a competitor and he knows ball. It doesn’t surprise me (his success at South Carolina), but it’s a tremendous accomplishment for the history of what they’d had, and what he has done there. It really brought them to the forefront of college football.”

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