The Plot Thickens: Katina Powell Tells All To ESPN


On the evening of October 19th, ESPN and ABC dropped a bomb on the University of Louisville: ESPN was airing an episode of Outside the Lines on October 20th focusing on the current University of Louisville Basketball scandal. The episode features the woman at the center of the scandal, Katina Powell. This is her first media appearance since the book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules,” was released.

Like every other Louisville fan, I was glued to my television this morning at 7:40 AM. I wanted to hear what Katina Powell had to say. I wanted to see the reactions of the anchors on ABC’s Good Morning America. For the most part, GMA’s teaser presented no new evidence. The feeling of comfort I felt in that moment was soon abolished and replaced with uncertainty.

On my Twitter feed, a photo of Katina Powell and an ESPN article. On the radio, ESPN 680 The Deener Show with Drew Deener and Billy Reed. I was getting ready for work while listening to Drew and Billy put the GMA teaser in perspective. I clicked on the ESPN article. I could not believe what I was reading… A few seconds later, Drew Deener and Billy Reed caught wind of the article. The conversation, the tone changed.

GMA’s teaser did not prepare UofL fans for the storm that was brewing. The University of Louisville currently holds the top spot on ESPN’s website. And not for our athletic achievements. ESPN is featuring an article derived from the OTL report. The article alleges five former Louisville players and recruits confirm that Andre McGee did, in fact, pay Katina Powell and her girls to strip, as well as perform sexual favors with the players and recruits.

Aside from the five former players and recruits coming clean, OTL was able to independently confirm that McGee wired $200 to Powell on one occasion. In my opinion, that’s the most damning piece of evidence.

I’ve said all along if Powell can produce a receipt or a bank statement showing that McGee paid her for her, “services,” and the dates match the dates in question then we would have a problem.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, I think Katina Powell’s media field day produced more questions than it answered.

But there’s still one side missing from the story.

Andre McGee, it is your time to be a, “Louisville man,” and step up to the line.

It is time for you to tell the truth.

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