Kyle Kuric update: Wednesday at noon

A great update from Katie Kuric, Kyle’s sister!

Soo incredibly thankful and joyful to be able to say that Kyle is AWAKE, talking, and even eating!!!!!! After the truly terrifying scare he gave us Saturday it is amazing to get our Kyle back. It is such a gift to get to hear him joke and see his unique sense of humor returning. While today has been a positive step in the right direction he will still be in the ICU for a couple days under close observation just to be careful.

I am so thankful for Kyle’s surgeon and medical team here in Barcelona that have done a phenomenal job!
It was touching to see all of the support given by his teammates and even other teams in his basketball family who have been a great support for Kyle and his wife. It’s comforting to see how much they step up to support each other when we live so far from them.

With a humbled heart thank you Jesus for answered prayers and your amazing healing miracle worked in my brother! Psalm 28:7.

And finally I can never fully thank all of our family and friends who somehow messaged me with their prayers and words of encouragement for Kyle and our family. I know I haven’t been able to answer many people’s thoughtful messages but I am extremely humbled by the amount of support we have received and from the bottom of my heart thank you! I can not fully express how much this community all over the world that has lifted us up means to my family and I. Please continue to pray that Kyle would continue to heal quickly and without complications. Thank you all!! PRAISE GOD!!

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