Kyle Kuric update from his dad: Thursday 5:00 pm


From Steve Kuric on Facebook:

We are very happy to report that Kyle continues to improve! He is feeling better today although he still feels tired. He has been out of bed and sitting up in a chair today. His appetite is better and he is back to eating a lot. Lol. Kyle was on his computer today and has been visiting with friends. At times he has been laughing and joking with us with his usual sense of humor. He is already trying to negotiate with his surgeon when he can return to basketball !!

Saturday we pleaded for prayers for Kyle at a very critical time and the response to that was just incredible ! We just can’t thank all of you enough. We are so very grateful that all of our prayers have been answered.

We know Kyle still has a way to go yet but with the help of his doctors, family and friends he will make it. We have no doubt whatsoever that he will return to basketball and get back to Kyle’s corner !

We can’t tell you how much your messages have meant to all of the family. We haven’t been able to respond to all of them yet but we have read them all. They have helped carry us us through this difficult time.
Thank you . Blessings to all.

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  1. So Happy that Kyle recovery is progressing so well. Kyle we all Thank You for the outstanding role model, husband and father you are. You make not only your parents proud but all of us. Best Wishes for continued progress!

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