CSZ/RRTG Tailgate of the Week: Virginia game


The home portion of the season has come to an end, and that means we have given out our last CSZ/RRTG (Red Rage Tailgate) Tailgate of the Week trophy. It was a lot of fun giving out this award at every home game to recognize some pretty awesome tailgate set-ups. Does yours have what it takes to win it next year?

The winner of the final tailgate of the season goes to Will Horner and his crew. They have been tailgating at Old Cardinal stadium for 15 years. It started off with just four people, a single canopy, and a board game. What game? Battle of the Sexes of course.

Now they have a huge setup with a nice trailer and a pretty sweet stereo. They also play beersbie (look it up), cornhole, and a giant version of Jenga. You want to play Jenga? Well, they do it for $50 a game. So step up your Jenga game before tailgating with Will and his people.

Congratulations on winning the trophy, and on behalf of Cardinal Sports Zone and the Red Rage Tailgate, we will see you next season!

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