Linebacker Nick Dawson transferring from Louisville

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Two nights, two linebackers transferring from the University of Louisville. And I honestly type this out as just passing info along, not in a panic over the news. Nick Dawson told that he has decided to transfer after graduating in December. He has one year left to play, but has not decided where yet. Dawson did play in all 13 games for the Cards in 2015, but only recorded 4 tackles.

On Tuesday, it was reported that Keith Brown was transferring.

So why am I not in a panic over this? I could be wrong here, but seeing guys transfer out does not always mean that there is a problem in the program. It could simply mean that there is so much talent returning, that guys want to go elsewhere to showcase their own skills. Is that the case here? I have no way of knowing that right now.

I can only look at the roster and see names like Keith Kelsey, Devonte Fields, James Hearns, Stacy Thomas, Amonte Caban, and more…and that puts my mind at ease and lets me know that the Louisville Cardinals should be just fine at linebacker in 2016.

I certainly wish the best for Brown and Dawson. They were apart of the 2012 recruiting class, back when the program was still rebuilding. So after all of the hard work they have put into helping restore this program, I have no ill feelings towards them at all. Good luck to them both in their future, and they will always be Cards.

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