55™ (Episode 48)

55 season 3


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CardNation, Don’t you Dare be sour, CLAP your hands for the podcast champ and feeeeeeeeeeeeel the POWERRRRRRRRRRRR! Sorry. If you don’t watch wrestling then you probably didn’t get that. My bad. But as you can tell I am super pumped to bring back the award-winning (I printed it out) longest running episodic post (the only) on CardinalSportsZone.com…..55. I have made some changes to the format. I am gonna bring you 4 quarters, or topics of conversation, and I will give my thoughts on the current state of affairs in CardNation. Without further adieu here are the most ridiculous, outlandish, interesting or just downright obnoxious things I have heard this week. THIS is 55…..


Quarter 1: This and That

-This week, and better yet this year have been hectic for your boy. I have been extremely busy. I have had a ton of people ask me: “Jeremy, is live with 55 over?” The long awaited answer is simply….no. I plan to stream the season premier of LiveWith55 in a few weeks. I got busy and realized I needed a small break. I will bring back the show just in time for the ACC Basketball Championship race.

-If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I have made a few changes recently. Changed the Display name several times, the cover photo, & most notably the avi has been changed. I came up with an idea and my guy Troy (@tville73) brought it to life:

(My Imagination)

It is glorious

-Also a huge shout out to my sis in law Amanda, it is her Birthday….ok enough about her.


Quarter 2: Poll Position


-ll not le but you know. Let’s talk polls! (Complete polls here)

Today the Cards moved up in both polls. The Cards moved up 1 spot to 17 in the AP Poll and up to 14th in the Coaches Poll. Saw a lot of discussion both ways. The Cards should be higher! The Cards should drop! More so the prior. But the facts are that the poll means zero once March Madness has started. Since we started the site, I have started to pay less and less attention  to the polls. All that matters is who is holding up the title at the end of the year. Which reminds me:


Congrats to my guy for winning the title! (I don’t care if you don’t like wrestling)


Quarter 3: Decommit


In recruiting circles, hitting the red button means to de-commit. In the world of recruiting, it happens quite frequently. To CardNation, it feels like it happens more often than not. Rodjay Burns hit the red button last night and flipped to Ohio State. OSU was his dream school and even though they entered the scene very late, that is all that it took. Best of luck to him.

A guy who hit the green button this week (Not even a thing) was QB Jawon Pass. Jawon went on a last minute visit to BAMA and decided THE University of Louisville was the place to be. You get some and you lose some. You just never know. It is NOT, however, the end of the world as some would lead you to believe. One thing is for sure though, we do not influence them positively with our contact on social media. Actually, we should limit contact via social media because it makes some people believe that they single handedly landed recruits. If you see someone inappropriately tweeting recruits, please let @thatboysgood @hammel11 @D2_Derpinator or @CoachBourbonUSA know and they will handle them appropriately. Or inappropriately, whichever.

-There has also been a buzz due to the amount of transfers that have occurred. Again, have no fear. These guys have graduated and are moving on to get playing time. It is a good thing for all! Best of luck to Houchins, Sibiea, Dawson, Brown, Ferguson and the others. Check out Justin’s article from earlier about Louisville South!

**The ACC Football schedule will be released tomorrow at 3pm.

Quarter 4: The Wrap-Up


Well I enjoyed getting back in contact with CardNation this week. Looking to do more here and there as time allows. If you want to follow Team CSZ you can find us @cardsportszone @stevenrummage @justinrenck or myself @Jeremy_CSZ. Catch us on the CardinalSportsZone show Saturday mornings at 10 am on ESPN 93.9 The Ville! Go to CardinalSportsZone.com also to check out all the latest stories as well.

I also want to give a huge shout out to our contributors, new and old. We recently went out and asked CardNation if they would like to write some stories for the site. We got a great response and it was hard to pick but we got some good ones if you have read their stories. @Darylfoust4 , @PaigeS_502, @TASullivan, @krugermania, @miss_kneirman, @JRP3523 @TMo4Cards and last but not least @Mitch_Motley. Thanks for taking the time out to read CardNation. Stay blessed and Go Cards!



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