Patrick Towles still wants to play Louisville

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Remember back in June of 2015 when (then) UK quarterback Patrick Towles put it out on Instagram that he could not wait to play Louisville again? It was pretty weird. He got outplayed big time by 3rd stringer Kyle Bolin the season before. The more awkward part is that by the time the game got here, he wasn’t even starting anymore. He did get in, and naturally threw an interception.

Towles transferred to Boston College, because clearly Kentucky was holding him back. As you know, Boston College is in the ACC and plays Louisville every year. It looks like when the schedules were announced on Tuesday afternoon, Towles took to Twitter to “Praise the Lord” for the date that Louisville and Boston College will meet.

Let’s just hope he is starting and it isn’t super awkward again. No really, PLEASE be the starting QB. With our schedule, any guaranteed wins are good!

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  1. Tasteless article. He is from the state of Kentucky. Of course he is going to be excited to play against Louisville. I guess we should come to expect less from UL fans, considering the university administration has no regard for the rest of the state. It seems the rest of thd fanbase is following suit. Go ahead and keep insulting the in-state football players, misusing state funds, and hiring state paid employees that have little to no morals. Look in the mirror and see what you have become, it’s sad!

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