The New Doctors Of Dunk (Video)


Since the beginning of time (or the 60’s) there has been one thing that can get a crowd going, It’s the slam dunk. Even when it was banned from college basketball from 67-76 due to the unfairness of it, they created a slam dunk contest because it was so beloved. It can cause a wide variety of results. It can facilitate a comeback all the way to putting the icing on the cake. At the University of Louisville it has been a beloved staple of our program. From the Doctors of Dunk to Alvin Sims to Montrezl Harrell to the dunking bird logo even, it shows that it is engrained into our DNA. Donovan Mitchell IS the next in a long line of dunkers and there is no doubt. Our good friends at the ACC Digital Network created their latest installment of Dunkuary last night featuring the Louisville Cardinals that was titled “The New Doctors Of Dunk” and it does not disappoint.

I have a feeling that the rims will be paying the price for all of our frustrations going forward. Enjoy the video!

Go Cards!


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