Catching Up With Chris Jones

Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone
Photo: Tim Haag/CardinalSportsZone








Today I want to get you guys caught up with a friend of mine. I started covering Chris in High School and because of family members that did AAU before then had watched him play before and met him a few times. Needless to say I knew a ton about him before he even got here. Before he got here though he was the 2013 National Junior College Division I Player of the Year by the NABC, was a two-time first-team NJCAA All-American and was twice named Panhandle Conference Player of the Year. He had a stellar career here at Louisville before being removed from the team in a serious of events leading up to false accusations. Not gonna even bring them up because they weren’t true. You can ask him yourself, from day one I told him that I believed he was innocent and he would be vindicated one day. He was. I try to keep up with everyone I know that plays overseas because I know how it gets over there with no friends and family. So I messaged Chris today to play a little catch-up with him. I hope you enjoy!

Me: What’s up man!

CJ: What’s up?

Me: Got a few questions for you for a story I am writing, mind answering them?

CJ: Yea cool

Me: Are there any hard feelings about your dismissal at UofL? Knowing that they were just protecting themselves.

CJ: Naw, no hard feelings about that situation. You live and you learn. I know Coach P tried to help as much as he could so I wasn’t tripping. I still keep in touch with everybody and have the same relationship as I did then.


Me: Do you still follow Louisville Basketball closely?

CJ: Yes I follow them every game and still talk to a lot of the players and wish them well.


Me: Your thoughts on the post-season ban?

CJ: It’s bs those guys had nothing to do what they say went on and think they reacted too quick to self impose the post season ban. It’s too late to take it back now. This team would have shocked the NCAA tournament from what I have seen when I’ve been watching.


Me: What have been your favorite and least favorite moments overseas?

CJ: My favorite moment over here was how the atmosphere is still like a college atmosphere and everyone over here welcomed me with open arms and happy im here and I really haven’t had a bad moment here because psh im in Paris lol The game winning shot opened a lot of eyes and brought in a lot more NBA coaches than I expected and now more than 10 NBA teams have come in and watched me and love the improvements from last year to this year so im in a happy place right now.


Me: Thanks bro for taking your time out to answer a few questions for me and you know I wish you the very best of luck bro!

CJ: No problem!


Here are some highlights from season 1:

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