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AP Photo/Mark Wallheiser


It has been a roller-coaster season for the fans of the University of Louisville Basketball team. It has been even more up and down for fans of Coach Rick Pitino. I was told the day the post season ban was levied that Coach P was done. 2 weeks ago I was told Ramsey would be overthrown and he would stay. Then just last week I was told he was gone again. I know what you are saying. You need new sources. Hear me out. My guy that has the info on this particular situation is never wrong. He may waiver during the process but he always comes through. Late this afternoon he told me new info would be coming out tonight that I would like. I instantly thought, here we go again.

I found this article about an hour ago from Eric Crawford from WDRB. I will post it in its entirety below. I’m going to paraphrase but it says the board of trustees are behind Pitino and want him to stay as long as he wants. I texted my guy and asked was this the news and he simply replied: Yes. I feel that this means that Ramsey is for sure on the way out. If he is indeed the stalemate in the situation that keeps this rocking boat swaying in the wind then I would like to bid him adieu. Thank you for all you have done for the city and University but kindly go away now. We do not need to give any other fan base any more reasons to mock the best college sports town in America. I don’t care if you don’t agree either. It’s time to wake up and for the nightmare to be over. Here is the article in full:


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Larry Benz, the chairman of the University of Louisville board of trustees, tonight issued a statement on behalf of the board concerning basketball coach Rick Pitino, saying, “our genuine hope is that Coach Pitino is our coach for as many years as he wants.”

There had been some national speculation that Pitino would be coaching his final game when the Cardinals face Virginia on Saturday night. Ian O’Connor of ESPN had speculated as such, as had others.

The full text of the statement from Benz: “I am deeply convinced that the NCAA findings will clear Coach Pitino of any knowledge of the alleged scandal,” Benz said. “Our genuine hope is that Coach Pitino is our coach for as many years as he wants. We join our Athletic Director, Tom Jurich, in our complete support of him.”

Pitino told WDRB on Thursday that he felt it “highly likely” that he will return to coach the Cardinals next season, but comments by some at a contentious board of trustees meeting on Wednesday threw up questions over board support for Pitino. Trustee Emily Bingham included the following in a statement voicing wide-ranging concerns with President James Ramsey:

“In a basketball program already embarrassed by the sexual misconduct of its coach, egregious alleged sexual misconduct by employees and players was never met with clear, forceful condemnation from the president. Waiting for years for NCAA judgment is unacceptable. We cannot move forward with leaders whose moral compass on these issues is not clear.”

A day earlier, Pitino actually had brought up that sexual misconduct from 2003 when speaking with me, saying an ESPN reporter had asked him about it.

Pitino wrote an entire chapter of his most recent book, “The One-Day Contract,” on that chapter of his life, and the fallout. He told me on Thursday, “I made peace with my family and my wife and my God,” Pitino said. “That’s all I care about my legacy. The rest is all wins and losses.”

He said much the same in a response to Bingham’s statements in a blog post on Thursday.

Benz’s statement is an indicator of two things.

First, that Pitino can count on the support of the board of trustees. This statement, expressing the belief that the alleged violations took place without the knowledge of Pitino, means that under the current set of circumstances, he has the support of this important body.

Second, it indicates that Pitino has the full support of Tom Jurich. The athletic director hasn’t said much regarding the scandal. He wasn’t on the court for U of L’s senior night ceremonies this week. Those things lead to speculation. For the moment, that speculation can be put to rest.

As, perhaps, can speculation about Pitino’s future. He has maintained that he will take time after the season to reassess his program. But he has maintained consistently in recent weeks that he has been rejuvenated by this team, and hopes to move forward

“It’s highly likely that I’ll be back next season,” Pitino said. “I will do what I always do. I never decide anything right after the season. I’ll take a couple of weeks, see how I feel. But unless I come to the belief that me being here is not what’s best for the University of Louisville, then I’m coming back to work for a championship.”

Still, a final conclusion likely will wait for a final disposition of U of L’s case with the NCAA.

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