Corey Ray Didn’t Want To Come To Louisville?


Corey Ray Didn’t want to come to Louisville? Dang. Well it’s not what you think and it’s not what I thought when I read that sentence initially. Corey follows in the steps of Jeff Gardner & Coco Johnson as my top 3 all-time favorite UofL hitters. Corey has stole his way to #1 on that list. Sorry for the not so witty pun. I turns out though that being raised in a great family who had their priorities in order, paid off. After coming to Louisville Corey has developed into a sure fire MLB prospect. It ended up being a great selection as Corey was initially drafted by the Mariners out of High School in the 33rd round! With 1st round hopes dancing in our heads, (projected as 5th overall pick!) CardNation has to prepare to say goodbye to Corey. What made him change his mind about Louisville though?

“As a young athlete it is always your dream to play in the professionals,” Ray said. “Professional baseball was knocking at my door. As it being my dream my entire life to have a career as a professional baseball player the first thing and the only thing I wanted to do was play baseball and get paid to do it.

“My dad humbled me a little bit and told me I wasn’t ready. He saw something in me that I didn’t see. He saw that if went to college for a few years and got better that I could eventually be an elite player.”

Thank you for choosing Louisville Corey. Now get prepared for the next chapter in your life. The MLB. Go Cards!

Do me a favor and read the entire article here. Tons of great UofL and Corey Ray info!!!!!

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