Russ Smith Blog: Royal Rick (Must Read)

Photo: Dylan Coulter
Photo: Dylan Coulter

Of course just as I go to lay down for the evening, Russ Smith AKA Mata Mata AKA Based AKA Sir Suadade blesses us with a blog. Not your ordinary blog but a blog worth many awards. Now I don’t hand out the actual awards but I do know good bloggin’ and this exactly that. Thank you for this Russ as we in CardNation certainly needed this. After this you may need to change your name to BlogDiculous. Here’s one of the highlights I loved, and there were many:

I called Coach P the day before the game and told him I was coming off the bench. His response, now that I know him; all sounded as if he knew I did something wrong but he still asked what happened. I told him “my coach felt it was better for the team if I came off the bench” (lol). The next day after the game our coach told him the true story of how I missed curfew. He looked at Coach Willard and wanted to kill him. Coach Willard then looked at me and wanted to strangle me on top of my dad wanting to rip my head off. lol

Here is the full article below. Enjoy!

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