TBT-James Burgess Commits To The U….of L (Video)


There is something about James Burgess that draws real Football fans to him instantly. Is it his hard-hitting demeanor? Maybe. It hurt my heart to see him ejected in the bowl game. Is it the fact that he does a ton in the community and is genuinely nice to everyone he meets? Maybe. He was one of the first players that followed me back instantly after we started CardinalSportsZone.com. We all know he’s funny and a little bit cocky too. THAT’S IT!  What grabbed my attention was his commitment video. I know, I know. That’s corny. If you seen him commit though you know. He came to us during a time it wasn’t very cool to be here and from the back yard of hated rival Miami. That counted for something too. Great dude that I have had the fortune of becoming cool with and I wish and hope for the very best for him, a spot with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Without further adieu, here’s the video that started it all with me. The commitment:


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