Tony Hicks Highlight Reels (THADITV)


To continue Tony Hicks appreciation day in the Ville (I just named it that), I wanted to share some of the highlight videos that I found. I really do feel like this young man will be an integral part of the Cardinal Offense. If you don’t know what integral means:

1) Kick your teacher

2) Don’t tweet insults directly to me at @Jeremy_CSZ

3) Grab a dictionary.

Just kidding, kind of. (Blame Greer) All fun aside, Tony Hicks looks to be a remarkable addition. I only have his highlights to go by but here’s what I have seen. He can get to the basket like Trey and can shoot the 3 like Damion. Now again I want to reiterate: Not all Graduate Transfers will be like D&D. I do believe this guy falls into the same mold as them. Not only as a player but as a person who really appreciates and loves UofL and the opportunity he has been given. Only time will tell. Make sure you follow him on Twitter too. He likely won’t get to tweet for a year after he gets here so tune in now!

The Highlight Reels are below, Go Cards!




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