55™ (Episode 49) TBT Edition

55 season 3

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CardNation, Don’t you Dare be sour, CLAP your hands for the podcast champ and feeeeeeeeeeeeel the POWERRRRRRRRRRRR! Sorry. If you don’t watch wrestling then you probably didn’t get that. My bad. But as you can tell I am super pumped to bring back the award-winning (I printed it out) longest running episodic post on CardinalSportsZone.com…..55.  It is kind of a throwback Thursday edition of 55. Without further adieu here are the most ridiculous, outlandish, interesting or just downright obnoxious things I have heard this week. THIS is 55…..


Quarter 1: What’s been up?


-Well here is what’s been up. Justin left the site in January. We wish him nothing but the best. What this did was switched the humongous responsibilities of editor and site moderator to yours truly. Along with being in charge of advertising and promotion for the radio show and in charge of social media for both I have been swamped! I have not had time to do a podcast in a while and this is my first 55 in several months. As long as I keep connected to CardNation I will be ok. This is a joy for myself, Steve and the contributors of CardinalSportsZone.com. Let’s get into some stuff!


Quarter 2: Poll Position



-The Baseball Cards have climbed back up to #4 after being embarrassed in Miami and did the same to Top 10 Virginia this past weekend. The Card host Virginia Tech this Saturday, Sunday & Monday. Admission is free and so is parking. Come out and enjoy the best deal for your dollar for entertainment in Louisville!

-Check CardinalSportsZone.com for the latest story on the Football teams latest Top 25 ranking in this off-season!

-UofL Softball entered the top 25 this week as well sitting at #25. Their demolition of WKU yesterday didn’t hurt. Read CSZ’ Jeff Nunn’s write-up here


The University of Louisville women’s lacrosse team cracked the top five of two major polls on Monday for the first time in school history.  The Cardinals are ranked fifth in both the Lacrosse Magazine and IWLCA/Inside Lacrosse polls.  (via Kim Pemberton)

-Finally the Women’s Rowing team have received their highest ranking in school history. The Cards checked in at #15 this week. They compete this weekend!

ROW: No. 15 National Ranking

Quarter 3: Thank You!

Thank you! Thanks to every person who reads the site. Thanks to every person that writes for the site. Thanks to everyone who Tweets about the site. Thanks to everyone who promotes the site. Just thanks. Because of all of you CardinalSportsZone.com has received its highest viewed month in history! I want to thank our contributors. Paige, Daryl, Justin K, Mitch, Jeff, Terrance, Jacob, Jeff & Dallas.  I want to thank some of the Tweeps. @xcmariss, @LVilleShawn, @Tammaland, @TurtleBITW, @Steph_767, @Beast502Mode, @peppermayne, @CoachBourbonUSA, @nursekinley1, @CardsRockIt & @K_Geezy74 just to name a few. Thanks to each and every one of you plus everyone else out there reading the site or promoting!

While we are at it. Thank you for making the CardinalSportsZone show the #1 sports show on the weekends in Louisville! Thank you for listening! Also a shout out to our commercial sponsors Shaun Larlee (@LarleesWorld) from United Financial Group, Michael Puckett (@Mwpuckett) at Western & Southern Life, Jill Dodson (@Jillsplacecafe) from Jill’s Place and last but not least Doug Budd (@CardSRockIt) from Red Edge Realty & homesforsaleinlouisville.net for their help in putting on the #1 Sports show on the weekend in the Ville! OK Enough of the Lovefest. Let’s wrap this baby up!


Quarter 4: The Wrap-Up


Well I enjoyed getting back in contact with CardNation this week. Looking to do more here and there as time allows. If you want to follow Team CSZ you can find us @cardsportszone @stevenrummage or myself @Jeremy_CSZ. Catch us on the CardinalSportsZone show Saturday mornings at 10 am on ESPN 93.9 The Ville! You never know when Marques Maybin (@Cardinal_Clique) will show up to help out with the Saturday morning celebration called CSZ. Go to CardinalSportsZone.com also to check out all the latest stories as well.

I also want to give another huge shout out to our contributors, new and old.  @Darylfoust4 , @PaigeS_502, @TASullivan, @krugermania, @miss_kneirman, @JRP3523 @UoflNunn @Jake0335 and last but not least @Mitch_Motley. Thanks for taking the time out to read CardNation. Stay blessed and Go Cards!


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