Starting Lineup: The Hides Of March

March hit me like:
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

As the regular season schedule wound down..

It was senior night and I felt a sense of urgency in heading downtown for senior night. It seemed dark and dreary outside of the KFC Yum! Center for the 9clock tip off, the last in front of the home crowd. We stayed an hour and a half after the final buzzer to have Damion Lee and Trey Lewis sign autographs for us, thinking this was a signature season of its own. Trey stayed and smiled for every last selfie and scribbled on whatever was presented to him by fans. Not getting to see Lee this night, I wasn’t sure I’d get his for my keepsake (I’m still a fanatic, y’all).

As the team’s last game of the season quickly approached I found myself getting anxious and weary in anticipation, vs the highly ranked Virginia Cavaliers no less. No not because of the matchup but that it would be hell to watch the final seconds pass. A repeated struggle verses Virginia and genuine tears as the boys in Cardinal red hung up their sneakers, some for the last time on the collegiate floor.

It’s hard watching something you love being toyed with and painted as fraudulent and promiscuous. Something you’ve spent your entire life believing in. Do I know it’s not all puppies and rainbows? Absolutely, but let’s not forget the truth of the matter and the people involved entirely. Men are being exploited, women and children are being corrupted and something I’ve given my entire study and being to is suffering.

Selection Sunday comes marching in and the committee has made their seeding decisions. I gotta say, being on the outside looking in is certainly not the norm for Louisville and #cardnation. It’s no fun when you’re not even invited to the party.

I thought it might be hard to watch the selection show, watch the games, to even write this months post or talk about it on my own weekly radio show (@kywomen_sports).

When I graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Sport Administration… my profession, my patience & my pockets were all tested. Take this information and do with it what you will. You must understand it to question it. Study, search and sport a role in this world that you can be proud of, we can be proud of.. Was it all worth it? Absolutely. As afflicting as this season has been, we deserve a new slate to take pride in.

To Andre, I’m not mad at you, you made a mistake, we all have.

To Katina Powell, I know you were a hurt person but you don’t deserve my attention anymore. We are more than a basketball team, more than a univeristy… we are a community, a #cardnation and this season is behind us.

To Rick, I stand with you coach. I have faith.
To the Final Four this weekend, I’m glad it’s almost over.

See you all next year, basketball fans!



As always, Go Cards Go!


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