Rick Pitino: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Coach P look like he’s worried about anything to you? He’s done his best to attone for what has been done wrong. I’ve been around the team and I’m certain that Coach P and Tom Jurich is  taking care of this even though they were unaware. CardNation it’s almost over. Go Cards!


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  1. Sitting here thinking about the tournament and how ” Mid- Major schools ” only get there conference champion in and if another school in the same conference is decent they can play a play in game – right ? So does that make UK a mid-major school ? There conference only had its champion in “UK ” and Vanderbilt had a play in game no other SEC teams were in
    So what does there heartless-gutless-scumbag fan base think about winning there D-2 ( oh I’m sorry ) l mean mid-major conference championship now ?

  2. I’m glad he’s spending time with his family. He should get a little fun in & he has every right to do so. He’s getting those batteries recharged. I think next yr he’s gonna coach ferociously. I think in his mind it’s Final 4 or bust.

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