Alhaji Mohammed: Respect (All-Star Highlights Video)


As you guys know, Alhaji Mohammed is a friend of mine. We go way back. I am going to put that aside for a few moments. I follow what University of Louisville athletes do after they leave as much as anyone I know. Whether it’s in the business world like Chris Current & Luke Hancock or it’s on the courts like Russ, Preston and Peyton. There is one guy in my mind that is heads and shoulders above everyone else. If you paid any attention to the title of the story or the first sentence, you know who I am talking about.

My guy Mo. Name another former player who has had as long of a career as Mo….I will wait. Name another player who has performed at as high of a level as Mo….I will wait. I am being as unbiased as possible here. His career is not the only thing though. His character is high too. I am not gonna mention all the things I have seen him do for other people. I know for a fact he wouldn’t mind me telling you all about how he goes back to his hometown AKA ChiTown and gives out Subway meal Cards to people who live on the street. The kind of stuff I wish I could do on a frequent basis. Just an all around good dude that I am proud to call a friend and a brother.

Back to the courts though. I am not saying he will not ever be surpassed but he has set a high example for past, current and future Cards to strive for. He dropped 25 last night in the All-Star game in Oradea. If his big brothers stamina is any sign, this Mohammed has many years and buckets left.

Go Mo and Go Cards!

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    1. never was a star player. Just been blessed to be at the University of Louisville and its sports for a long time. Alhaji was there helping mentor Terrance Farley who was my next door neighbor growing up.

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