Nunnsense: VJ, Rick, Kyle, Russ,Teddy And More


I’ve been on vacation for a week therefore I have a lot to catch up on so this week’s edition of Nunnsense will be a potpourri of topics. I was enjoying my family time on vacation so much that I didn’t even watch the college basketball national championship game. I knew that since I didn’t watch there would be an epic finish. And of course, I was correct. Congrats to Villanova. I took the vacation week and removed myself completely from the sports world. Well, almost……..


  • I took my oldest nephew (12) to a Washington Wizards game while we were in D.C. The Wizards were playing the Brooklyn Nets. Other than a possible appearance by Wes Unseld, there would be no U of L connection to this game. The closest local tie would be John Wall. Even though he is a UK guy, I actually like him. He is a great talent and you have to recognize that no matter who you cheer for. He is the only guy on both rosters that was worth going to see. It turns out that he hurt his knee and missed his first game. I think he knew I was in the house sporting my Cardinal gear and got scared (just kidding). Although there was no John Wall, we received a nice surprise when V.J. King was introduced, during a timeout, as a local high school McDonald’s All American and a future Louisville Cardinal. I tweeted out this pic. We watched him walk back to the tunnel and he stood there to watch the game. My nephew and I made our way over to the tunnel to meet him. When we finally made our way over there we found out that the guy we thought was V.J. was simply a kid wearing a coat and hat almost exactly like V.J.’s. Turns out we didn’t get to talk to him but I’m sure over the next few years I will be able to meet him and introduce my nephew to him.



  • Rick Pitino has been through so much with all these NCAA violations that I felt he looked like he was getting worn down to the point he was ill. If anything can make you feel better, lift your spirits or remove all the outside world troubles, it’s family. Rick got some much need family time and he seemed to be enjoying himself. He also is a season ticket holder for the Florida Marlins. He said he enjoys a bag of peanuts and a beer while relaxing at a baseball game. I’m happy for him.



  • I’ve made no secret about how much the Kyle Kuric story means to me. The fact that I was able to recover enough to lead a pretty normal life was amazing to most people but not to me. After seeing Kyle’s situation, I was hoping that he would be able to make the same type of recovery. I never imagined that he would ever to be able to play basketball at a professional level. His words ” The hardest challenge is competing against yourself, not against others”  hit me like a ton of bricks. Learning to walk again wasn’t anything a doctor could fix, a parent could make you do or something that just happens. You have to work hard everyday, keep a positive attitude, and remember what you are fighting for. It’s physically and mentally draining but it makes you a better and stronger person. Watch this video and if this doesn’t inspire you then you need to check to see if you have a pulse.




  • In case you missed it, Russ Smith was on the Cardinal Sports Zone radio show that airs every Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. on 93.9 The Ville. Here it is ……


  • This Saturday at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium is the football Spring game at 1:00 p.m. There will be carnival rides in the parking lot before the game.I hope to see all of you out there. Here is a list of all the day’s events…


  • My Kentucky Derby 142 preview will be available here at Cardinal Sports Zone after this weekend. There is one more prep race this Saturday that I need to see before I can give you a full preview. It will most likely be posted on Monday. Keep you eye out for it. I just want you to have all the information before you bet. I want you to win money!



  • You might have seen this but my friend sent me some pics of Teddy going to throw ball with the Oldham County high school varsity baseball team while they were in Florida for a tournament. The Viking just happened to be in FL practicing. Gotta love Teddy. He is L1C4.




  • Coach Todd Sharp and the Ladybirds/Cheerleaders are at it again.The University of Louisville spirit program brought home five national championship titles this past weekend from the NCA and NDA National Championships at Daytona Beach. That is the most ever for any school in the history of the championship for any single year. The Cardinals competed in five divisions: Large co-ed, small co-ed, All Girl and the Ladybird dance team competed in both hip-hop and team competitions. I’m not 100% sure but I think that makes the 153rd straight year they have won a national championship. Someone might need to check that but I think it’s pretty accurate.  CONGRATS!



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