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Nunnsense | Louisville Football Is Fine. Right?

Louisville vs WKU (36 of 60)

If you take a step back and look at the schedule, you would realistically think that after 3 games, Louisville would be 2-1. Correct?  Well, Louisville is exactly 2-1. So everything is fine. Right? It would appear so just by looking at the record, but upon further review, the way that the 2-1 record was earned, was much more of a struggle than anticipated.

If you are like me then you thought Louisville would keep it within 17 points against Alabama. Turns out Alabama is much better than I thought. Chalk that loss up to getting beat by the best team in the country. The margin of defeat didn’t really matter.

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Photo Gallery: Louisville vs WKU

Things didn’t go as planned against WKU but the end result was a victory. The Cards trailed 14-0 before they even completed a pass and were outgained 428 yards to 292. They needed a blocked punt, a goal line stand and a WKU 51 yard field goal to come up short, just to sneak out with a 3 point win despite being a heavy favorite. It wasn’t pretty but at least it wasn’t raining. Here are some pics from the evening… Read the rest of this entry

Nunnsense | Alabama Fans Are Mad At The Louisville Confidence

Dez Fitzpatrick

It’s so close to football season and the excitement around Louisville is off the charts. You would think that opening up the season against the defending national champions would put a damper on it but contrary to what Alabama fans think, Louisville is confident and excited at the opportunity.

Here in Louisville, we are having fun with this opportunity on social media and some Alabama fans are not happy. I’m not saying all Alabama fans are mad or even bothered by us Louisville fans having fun and having confidence, but many on social media are, and it appears by their responses to Louisville fans that they have never played a team that has the audacity to believe they can beat Alabama. It seems like Alabama fans are saying ” How dare you think you have a chance to beat us?” They act like it’s an impossible task.

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College Football Games To Watch – Week 1

Football Close Up on Field

Here are the top 25 games to watch in week 1. Included are the times and television channel. Week 1 spans over 5 days – From Thursday to Monday. Week 1 is packed with some great games including Louisville vs Alabama and 3 games where top 25 teams play each other. Have a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, Aug. 30

No. 21 UCF (-24) at UConn
7 p.m., ESPNU

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Louisville Football Hype Video

Dez Fitzpatrick

I have been asked several times if I would be making a hype video for this football season. I’m sorry to all of you but my commitments as a father and my job, have not allowed me the time to put one together.

Our friends over at House of Cards have put one together that should help you get ready for some Cardinal football. I did manage to make 2 short hype videos for Dez Fitzpatrick and Jaylen Smith (posted below). Happy game week! Enjoy…


Photo Gallery: 2017-18 Football

It’s getting so close to the start of the 2018-19 season. Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite photos from last season. If this doesn’t get your football juices flowing then you need to consult your doctor… Read the rest of this entry

Bobby Petrino Previews Alabama – Press Conference


Today at the newly renovated Howard Schnellenberger football complex, Bobby Petrino held his first weekly press conference where he talked about the Alabama game and took questions from the media. Bobby stated by honoring the life of John Asher and acknowledging 45 years of service by Paul Rogers.

Petrino also said that Jaylen Smith is ready and he was surprised how good of shape he was in after his emergency appendectomy. He also talked about the health and attitude of the team as well as the development of Jawon Pass. Petrino stated that tight ends coach and former co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Chris Klenakis will notcoach Saturday vs. Alabama andthat no change has been made in his status. Klenakis is currently on administrative leave.

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Nunnsense | Exit Interview With Louisville Running Back Harry Trotter

Louisville Helmet - White

The University of Louisville football team has 5 or 6 guys who could get carries at running back this season. It only seemed natural that one of those guys would transfer to seek more time on the field.

Walk-on running back Harry Trotter announced on Friday, August 17th, that he would transfer.

On August 20th, he announced that he would transfer to Kansas State.

Also on August 20th, I asked Harry for an exit interview. He Kindly accepted and here is our conversation… Read the rest of this entry

Nunnsense | Louisville Football Is A Confident Bunch

Jawon Pass - Media Day-3

I attended Louisville football media day this past Saturday. I had the privilege of getting up close and personal with most of the coaches and several of the players. What I can tell you is that these guys are very confident and could care less about what anyone thinks about them. They are just ready to get out on the field and show everyone what they can do.

As you could have probably guessed, the coaches did not say anything that would give opponents bulletin board material. Most of them just gave us “coach speak” but they also had this confidence in their tone – as if to say “we are gonna be alright.” Read the rest of this entry

Plenty of Positives Highlight Louisville Footballs First Scrimmage

Louisville Football

Press Release

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The University of Louisville football team, after nearly two weeks of practice, conducted its first major scrimmage of the fall Monday night at Cardinal Stadium.

Playing under the lights, the Cardinals ran approximately 125 plays, with the 1s facing the 1s, and the 2s also squaring off against each other in the controlled scrimmage. The Cardinals began most of their drives on their own 30 or 35-yard line.

Head coach Bobby Petrino switched the format in the second half, putting the first groups against the second units.

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Photo Gallery: Football Media Day 2018

On Saturday, August 11th, University of Louisville football team held its annual media day. Here are a few pictures we captured from the event.

Nunnsense: 2018 Louisville Football Game By Game Predictions

Dez Fitzpatrick

I have been doing theses predictions for several years and this if by far the hardest one that I have done. There are so many questions that I need answered before I can be give you a true and accurate prediction.

Here is what I know… Louisville is going to lose to both Alabama and Clemson and they are going to beat Indiana State and WKU.

(Nunns opinion, not CSZ’s)

Other than that, all 8 remaining games are winnable. Those remaining 8 games are all possible losses too. Do I really think Louisville will lose all 8 of those games? Of course not, but I do believe all of those games could be decided by 10 points or less.

I also know that the wise-guys in Las Vegas do not believe that Louisville is going to have a great year. They set the projected win total at 6.5 games. Most major publications predict Louisville to win 7 games. A few predict 8 games. Personally, I could see as many as 10 wins and as few as 6.

Traditionally the Vegas guys are very accurate. However, this year I believe they are factoring in the loss of Lamar Jackson a bit to heavy into their formula. I believe Louisville will have a top 5-10 offense. The question I have is on defense. Mainly the defensive line. I worry about teams with strong running games. My fear is that a team can control the clock with a slow methodical running game and keep the high powered Louisville offense off the field. I also believe the defense will be better than last year.

So, by my calculations, Louisville won’t lose much, if anything, on offense and should be better on defense. If I am correct, then Louisville should win 9 games. Yes, my prediction is 9 wins. But 8 would not shock me in the least.

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Photo Gallery: Jawon Pass ’17-’18

Jawon Pass-9

Jawon Pass will be entering his red-shirt sophomore year at the University of Louisville as the expected starting quarterback. He has the dubious task of following arguably the greatest quarterback to ever wear a Cardinal uniform. Jawon had limited time, appearing in only 5 games last season, but he completed 69.7% of his passes (23-33) for 238 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also ran 13 times for 62 yards (4.8 avg) and a touchdown. He is the future and here are a few pics that we captured of him during the 2017 season.

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Nunnsense | Louisville Football Has Plenty Of Motivation And Talent

Jawon Pass

It’s no secret that there are plenty of questions about this years Louisville football team. All you have to do is pick up any college football magazine or google ACC college football and you read all about how Louisville doesn’t have Lamar Jackson. If you keep reading, you will be reminded of how Louisville lost so many starters on the defensive side of the ball and how they will have their 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years.

They were kind enough to point out that the Louisville receivers, led by Jaylen Smith, are very good. They also point out that Jawon Pass is a highly touted quarterback that should thrive under Bobby Petrino.

However, besides the receivers, most of the talent that Louisville will run out onto the field is unproven. At least unproven as a unit.

There is plenty of talent on both sides of the ball but without seeing them produce as a team, these national publications will not predict Louisville to be anything more than a middle of the pack ACC team. Read the rest of this entry

Nunnsense | Breakout Players For Louisville Football 2018-19

Louisville Football entrance

It’s seems that every national article that I read about Louisville football starts with ” What will Louisville do without Lamar Jackson.” Or something of that nature.

I have an answer for them – Keep on winning!

Not because a player like Lamar Jackson is easily replaced but I see a group of guys who have accepted the challenge to step up and replace the production not only from Lamar but also all the others who graduated or left early for the NFL.

With guys like Lamar, Jaire, Geron, Chucky, Trevon, James, Reggie, Zykesis and Stacy all gone, you could easily say that Louisville is doomed. Well, I like to look at it as there are plenty of opportunities for guys to step up.

So who is going to step up? Let’s take a look at who you and I think that will be… Read the rest of this entry

Nunnsense | Bobby Petrino Has A Chance To Make A Statement This Season

Bobby Petrino

Football season is rapidly approaching and it’s time for everyone to set their expectations. When it comes to Louisville football, for most people, expectations have generally been very high with Louisville falling just short of those expectations. I would say that Louisville has pretty much finished the last 4 seasons right on the realistic expectations set by Las Vegas. Louisville has won either 8 or 9 games each of the last 4 seasons under Petrino (34 wins). In his previous tenure (2003- 2006), Louisville had 41 victories including an 11-1 season and a 12-1 season, but that wasn’t against ACC competition.

This season is shaping up to be a season with very low expectations. Louisville just lost both their Heisman winning quarterback and their defensive All-American as they were both selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft. They also lost 7 starters on defense, including their 2 leading tacklers. Louisville is entering the season with their 3rd defensive coordinator in 3 years. They also have a very daunting schedule where they will open the season against the 2017 national champions, Alabama, and will play the 2016 national champions, Clemson, in the middle of three road games in four, going to Boston College, Clemson and Syracuse, with only six days to get ready for the Orange after the battle in Death Valley.

Las Vegas has set the win total for Louisville at 7 while a few other national publications have predicted Louisville to finish the regular season with a 6-6 record. Needless to say, some of the “experts” are lazy and just look at what Louisville has returning and not looking at the potential of the talent on this team when making their predictions.

Locally, there have been some rumblings that Petrino’s seat may be getting a little warm. While I don’t totally agree, I can see where his 1-11 record versus ranked teams and his 1-3 bowl record could be reason for concern. He also just finished a season where he had the best college football player on his team and they could only win 8 games – and he sent said player out with his best career victory being a Music City Bowl game.

I understand, as a fan, that this can be frustrating.

Louisville Football

But we all know that Petrino is widely regarded as an offensive genius and that he can coach. With expectations being what they are, I expect Petrino to make a statement this year that he is still a great coach and that his team is being slightly overlooked. I don’t expect Louisville to be in the college football playoffs but I do expect them to win 8 games.

While 8 wins isn’t a huge difference from the 7 Vegas predicted, it’s not about the number of wins but rather how Louisville gets those victories.

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Papa John May Not Go Away Quietly

Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium

We all know that Papa Johns founder, John Schnatter, used a word that is totally unacceptable. A chain reaction of events followed, one of which was the changing of the name of the University of Louisville football stadium to Cardinal Stadium, dropping Schnatter’s name from the title.

After Schnatter’s unacceptable remarks were made public by Forbes, I immediately looked up and thoroughly read through the naming rights contract between Schnatter and the University. The contract is very one-sided in favor of Schnatter and it gives him rights over the stadium name until December 30th 2040. It appeared as though the name of the stadium wouldn’t change despite the millions of new name suggestions on social media. While it was fun to come up with new names, I highly doubted the name would be changed before the year 2041.

Enter new University president, Neeli Bendapudi. She quickly met with her board and trusted advisors. After the meeting she announced that the Stadium would now be called Cardinal Stadium. Read the rest of this entry

Post Practice Interviews 7-13-18


pactice 7-13-2018-58Jaylen Smith and Jon Greenard spoke with the media after today’s practice. Here is a little bit of what they had to say…

Photo Gallery : Football Practice 7-13-18

pactice 7-13-2018

The Louisville football team held a rare open to the media practice today at the Trager Center. This wasn’t a practice in helmet and pads but rather a conditioning practice. The Cards warmed up, stretched and lifted a little inside. Then they headed out to the sand where they ran sprints, worked on vertical and long jumps and ran a few more drills. The hardest worker on offense and defense got to smash a rock with a sledgehammer at the end of practice. There were a couple of interviews after practice and I included a few up to date pics of the expansion progress of CARDINAL STADIUM. Enjoy! Football season is getting closer…

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Nunnsense | Louisville Has Best Receivers In The ACC

Dez Fitzpatrick - SethDawkins

The definition of best is “of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.” As a fan you can use any number of factors to determine who you think is the best. Most fans just use their heart.

I prefer to use my eyes and statistics.

Based on my research, and what I have witnessed, it is my opinion that Louisville has the best receivers in the ACC. I want to also say that they could be top 5 in the country but I have not seen enough of the other receiving corps to fairly make that assessment. So I’ll just stick with my opinion that Louisville has the best receivers in the ACC and that they compare favorably with the top receivers in the country. Read the rest of this entry