Update On Trevon Young

Photo: GoCards.com
Photo: GoCards.com


Before the season ended all that danced through my head was: If both Fields & Young come back…WOW. Then the Music City Bowl happened. While it looked like it could be an injury that was bad, you just never know in sports. Then came the news. Trevon Young’s dad came out and told every one he had dislocated and fractured his hip. Then it was all about how he could be back to he may never play again. I talked to Pete Nochta the night of the signing day event who told me that things were moving real slow. Not much else has been said until now.

Everything I hear has been very encouraging from the trainers and doctors,” Petrino told The Courier-Journal last week. “There hasn’t been any setbacks, so that is a huge thing. So I’m encouraged from what I’m told.”

Asked if he anticipates Young potentially being able to play this season, Petrino said, “I think so, yeah. That’s what we’re shooting for.”

Here  is hoping for more great news coming out of the Young camp as this is a hard injury to recover from. Injuries take a toll on athletes anyways let alone one this major.



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