Ja’Quay Savage: Life Changer



When I first heard that Ja’Quay Savage was transferring to Louisville I was excited. I had seen his play on the field, seen some vine clips and most importantly knew he was the kind of guy that would flourish in a Bobby Petrino offense. He suited up for the Cards in 2015 and I was pumped. The season started and I waited and waited and waited for Savage to take control but something was not the same. Yesterday I stumbled upon an article by Matt Fortuna. Here is what Ja’Quay had to say:

“I was like, it has to be something else, it’s more than football,” Savage said. “You have to do everything right instead of just going out there in football and go outside the football field and not having the responsibilities that you’re supposed to. So everything just goes into it, and it just woke me up when I was talking to my mom and started reading the Bible and just doing everything right. [It] just makes you feel better when you go to practice and scrimmages.”

Please, please, please get over and read the full story which you can do by clicking here. It was a fantastic read. As excited as I was when he committed to Louisville, I am doubly excited this year because it will add a great help to Lamar downfield.

Go Cards!

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