Rick Pitino: Fear Factor

(via GlobalFlare.com)
(via GlobalFlare.com)

I’m gonna share some excerpts with you in a few about a column by Eric Crawford in a few about the NCAA NOA and a line of defense Coach P has been using in just a second. First I want to share some personal experiences I’ve observed first hand. There is the whole Coach P knew angle. You all know that I had a few friends that played at Louisville between 05-08. I went back to finish my degree at that time not only to get my degree but because they were going to school too. I was at Minardi Hall pretty much every day for 4 years. I seen foolishness attempted and it was all met with big consequences. One of my buddies was late to practice & ran on the treadmill for hours plus lost his playing time for months. He didn’t mess up again. The point being, there definitely is a fear factor going on at UL & it’s in a positive way.

Here is an excerpt from the article by Eric Crawford. (Click on excerpt for link to full article)

There are a few mitigating factors that might well help the coach. First, his insistence all along has been that players feared his punishment to the point that they were afraid to tell him this kind of thing was going on. In other words, he could say, “I was so adamant about the rules that my players feared telling me some were not following them.” You could call it a “fear factor” defense.

I agree 100%. I’m not sure how this all went down but I’m certain of 2 things. 1) Rick Pitino did NOT know. And 2) When the NOA comes out, we will be just fine.

Go Cards

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