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We at are blessed to do something that we love. We are also grateful when we meet great people. Russ Smith came in and did the Cardinal Sports Zone show, brought to you by Doug Budd and Red Edge Realty at, and did it well back in April. We told him from now on whenever he blogged we would post it. Last night he released his second blog of the year called time. He addresses a plethora of topics. Depression was one of those topics.

“Depression is a line that’s straddled amongst everyone. Injury, uncertainty in decisions or ability and most of all loneliness. Unfortunately, that is when we make ourselves believe time is real. When we think about our return from injury. When we think about our decisions and how much time we have to make them. How much time we have to develop a jump-shot. Even worse, how long will we be alone. Do not worry about time, focus on getting the most out of yourself during training and competition.”

Great work again my friend. Go to this link for the full story and follow Russ on Twitter at @Sir_Saudade

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