Corey Ray #1 Overall Pick?


Corey Ray is good at Baseball. I’ve watched him for three years now and the transformation has been awesome. Devin Hairston is having a similar progression too so watch out 2017. Back to Corey though. People have been throwing his name around as a first round pick all year. His projections have gotten higher and higher every month. ESPN columnist Keith Law put his list of today and I couldn’t be happier. I definitely believe Corey is a top 5 pick at the least. I would love for him to fall to 12 to the Red Sox. I know that’s not happening. Keith has him number one. Here’s what Keith had to say:

Here is the first set of my top 100 MLB draft prospects. Note that this is not a mock draft — my first mock will come out next Wednesday (May 18) — but rather how I’d rank them. Each top 100 draft prospect has a player card with his scouting profile, written by Longenhagen; click on the player’s name to go to it. (Some of the profiles in the second half of the top 100 don’t have write-ups yet; we’ll fill those in soon.)

1. Corey Ray, OF, Louisville

Right now, if I had the top pick, I think I’d go with Ray, the best all-around college position player who is at worst a solid everyday left fielder with the upside of aRay Lankford (whose name I’ve heard from a couple of scouts over the past year as a comp for Ray). He can hit; he can run; he has some power. Although center field, where he plays part of the time for Louisville, is a pipe dream, he could develop into a capable left fielder. I think he goes among the top three picks.

Read Keith’s full article here

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