UofL Baseball Cards: Back To Back Atlantic Champs


Ok, we didn’t win the division at home this year. Heck, we didn’t even win it during our actual game this year. The fact remains that UofL Baseball has won it’s 2nd consecutive ACC Atlantic Division title. The Cards are good, really good. If you read any of the stories that I have posted this week then you know I have gushed about how good they are. Best lineup overall I have seen and best all around pitching staff I have ever seen. Probably why they are leading the ACC in Pitching and Batting average at the moment. Miami is the only team that scares me in this tournament and knowing we will be on the opposite side gives me some peace. The Cards won game 1 3-1 behind another masterful McKay outing. He once again gave up 0 earned runs and Burdi recorded the save. His worst outing imo all year was because he only struck out 6. Devin Hairston homered, singled in the 2nd run and scored the 3rd. MVP of this game for sure. Game 2 will come to you tomorrow at 1pm and I expect game 3’s time to shift as well by what the announcers were saying tonight. The ACC conference tournament starts Tuesday and will be played in Cary, North Carolina. This is what we have waited for all year, the Road To Omaha.


Here is the only remaining scenario for winning the conference at the moment:

Miami loses 2 and we win 2.

Go FSU and Go Cards!


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