Marques Maybin Spoils The Onuaku Announcement…Kinda

Chinanu Onuaku

…Or did he? If you tuned into today’s episode of Mid-day With Marques Maybin, which there’s no reason why you wouldn’t, you know that today he was joined by the incomparable Steve Rummage from right here at CSZ. (Cheap Pop) Steve joins Mid-day every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 to noon. Mid-day with Marques Maybin is on Monday through Friday from 10-noon and Marques comes in most Saturday’s with us from 10-11 on CSZ on 93.9 FM The Ville. Now with the formalities out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the show today. I was on my daily morning walk when I heard a various amount of things. Blame Jaquan, Lebron isn’t scared of Toronto (0-5) & Draymond is just used to kicking…he didn’t mean it. But my favorite was a cryptic decoding of an Instagram post.

Do you think he announces tomorrow that he is coming back? or leaving? As much as I hate to, I agree with MM on this one. That he is coming back not that his post has a cryptic meaning. LOL

Go Cards!

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