Miami Dolphins QB Says: Fear Devante Parker

Photo: Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post
Photo: Allen Eyestone / The Palm Beach Post


It is no secret that Devante Parker was one of the best receivers EVER at the University of Louisville. Of course you can throw in guys like Deion Branch, Mario Urrutia, Harry Douglas or even an unheralded guy like Lavell Boyd (I did not include LB because he was in my wedding but because he deserved the mention) who is top 10 all-time in almost every category. I am certain I left a few out and just as certain you will tweet me at @Jeremy_CSZ and tell me. Devante undeniably changed the game for the Cards. A deep threat that you could just throw it up to or a guy you could throw a jump ball to in the end zone from 10 yards away and he was just flat-out go get it. Enough of what he did at Louisville though. The rookie WR in Miami had a rough time due to injuries. This year will be different. He will be healthy and ready to go from 1 to 100 straight out of the gate. This week QB Ryan Tannehill had some great things to say about our Cardinal Forever:

“I expect big things out of him. I’m expecting him to be a heck of a football player, a guy that other teams fear, because he can make big plays down the field, inside,” Tannehill said. “He’s a big-bodied guy. He’s a guy we’re going to want to use in the red zone, on third downs and to stretch the field as well.”

This is exactly the way WE felt about him at Louisville. It is going to be nice to see Devante develop into a league wide top 10 receiver right before our eyes.

Go Cards!

Excerpt was pulled from a story you can find here

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