Nunnsense: Baseball, Pitino And Ali


  • So what’s been going on? Anything happening in the sports world?  Of course not. It’s not basketball season. Wait! What? Oh, I almost forgot. We are fans of The University Of Louisville and we have a sport to cheer for all year round. As you may have heard the 2016 College World Series is about to get started and the Number 2 overall seed, University of Louisville, is two wins away from another trip to Omaha. Louisville will face UC Santa Barbara on Saturday, Sunday and Monday (if necessary) in a best of three series at Jim Patterson Stadium. The games on Saturday (6/11) and Sunday (6/12) will start at noon. I don’t think there will be a game on Monday but if somehow it needs to be played, the game time will be announced after the game is deemed necessary. Louisville is 36-1 at home this year so the fact that I don’t think they will lose 2 out 3 shouldn’t seem crazy but you never know. Good Luck Cards. See ya in Omaha! Here is a link to the NCAA CWS  brackets,


  • Rick Pitino recently spoke and I found his comments very interesting. In an AP article on, “Rick Pitino raved about Louisville’s potential next season, suggesting Tuesday that the Cardinals’ length and speed mirror the strengths of the 1996 NCAA championship squad he coached at archrival Kentucky.” Here is a link to the full article, Rick has always known how to motivate and direct his team through the media. He also uses the media to give the fans expectations without actually giving exact predictions, but I have always disliked when he brings up his time at that other school. However, in this instance, I like his comparison. The team that he mentions in the article was very fun to watch. They went 34-2 and won a national championship. Where do I sign up for that. I’m all in. Looks like we are in for a fun basketball season but the beauty of it is the fact that we get to enjoy football season before we get started on the hardwood.


  • Muhammad Ali passed away, as everyone knows by now, and I have been reading every article I can find about the champ. I wrote a small piece shortly after he passed. Since I wrote that piece I have had a ton of thoughts going through my mind. My first thought is that Muhammad Ali is the only person who loves the city of Louisville more than my brother and I. I knew that Ali would often talk about Louisville but I never realized just how often he did so. I’m amazed and proud of how he talked about his hometown of Louisville Ky like everyone had been there before. Although his passing is sad, he now will forever be in his hometown. He had been planning his funeral arrangements for years. He wanted to be sure that Louisville would receive the world’s attention and love it deserved. He knew only “The Greatest” could give Louisville that attention…..The death of Muhammad Ali has, in some ways, educated the younger generation about who Ali really was and everything he did to earn the titles of Humanitarian and Cultural Icon. I learned a few things myself and I wanted to share some facts with you that you might not know. The first thing I find interesting is the reports that his heart was beating for about 30 minute after his organs shut down. An interesting story I had heard but had never read the whole story was when Ali talked a man down from jumping off a ninth-floor ledge. Ali also starred in the short-lived Broadway musical, released an album of spoken word and was an influential figure in the world of hip hop music. This past summer I was in Hollywood and I wanted to take my picture with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because not only was it the star of my hometown hero but his star is the only one that is mounted on a vertical surface because Ali didn’t want anyone to walk on his name. Sadly, I didn’t get to see it because it was being worked on. My favorite lesser know fact is that Ali was in a DC comic book called Superman vs. Muhammad Ali. I’ve enjoyed reading all the stories posted online by all the national writers but I find comfort and joy in the stories that John Ramsey has been gracious enough to share on the radio. RIP Champ!


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