College Coaches Best At Developing Players Into NFL Talent

Bobby Petrino


As you probably seen yesterday, the NFL released a list of the top 16 college coaches who were the best at developing NFL talent. I admit, I dropped the ball when it comes to sharing this story because I didn’t think many people would care even though I did. I spent the rest of the evening and this morning being asked: Where can I find that list? So I will give that to you in a moment. Here is what intrigued me. Seeing the response on social media from former players. I agree with the criticism on Strong but not Petrino. Petrino has consistently put people in the league, even when he was at Arkansas. He doesn’t just put players in the league, he puts them in for the long run. Guys like Eric Wood, William Gay, Harry Douglas, Gary Barnidge, Amobe Okoye, Michael Bush, Elvis Dumervil, Brendan Giacomini and many many more. 104 in total from both stints at UL,WKU,Auburn,Arkansas, Idaho & ASU. From assistant to Head Coach he has flat out gotten it done. He doesn’t deserve this criticism.

Who was criticizing? If you look deeper it was guys who didn’t see the field under Petrino or played for Charlie. A lot of people still angry about the way Charlie left. Understandable. But what cannot be denied is that we have had in place and still do have the best guys to get you into the league. The pipe set the table and these two guys ate. Bobby is still eating and will continue to. I have an issue with several of the guys ahead of Bobby. You be the judge. Here is the list of the top 16 guys who can get you to the league. Debate and enjoy!

16. Kyle Whittingham-Utah

15. Charlie Strong-Texas

14. Gary Patterson-TCU

13. Bobby Petrino-Louisville

12. Jim Mora-UCLA

11. Chris Peterson-Washington

10. David Shaw-Stanford

9. Brian Kelly- Notre Dame

8. Les Miles-LSU

7. Dabo Sweeney-Clemson

6. Mark Richt-Miami

5. Bob Stoops-Oklahoma

4. Mark D’antonio-MSU

3. Jimbo Fisher-FSU

2. Urban Myer-OSU

1. Nick Saban- Alabama


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