High Praise For UofL Offense

1Bobby Petrino


Everybody I know is starving for football. It’s for a variety of reasons. We want to forget the disappointment of basketball. We want to forget fizzing out in baseball. We just flat-out are ready for some football. Whatever your reason is, I know you too are ready. I’m excited for all of the above. Another reason I’m pumped is the year three Offensive Spike. That’s the trend. There was a jump at every stop. That’s what excites me. There’s not another coach in the country who can put up points like CBP. Today SB Nation’s Bill Connelly put out a wonderful spread that you can find at THIS link.

Here are some of the increases that were brought about by Coach Bobby Petrino:


  • He took over as Utah State offensive coordinator in 1995, and the Aggies rose from 19 points per game to 26.6 in his first year and 30 in his second.

  • He took over as Louisville’s coordinator in 1998, and the Cardinals immediately rose from 22.3 points per game to 39.4.

  • In his one year as Auburn’s coordinator in 2002, the Tigers improved from 21.2 points per game to 29.8.

  • In his first head coaching gig at Louisville in 2003, the Cardinals jumped from 28.8 points per game to 34.6 in year one, then 49.8 in year two.

  • At Arkansas, he needed a year. His first Razorbacks offense, painfully young, averaged just 21.9 points per game. His second averaged 36. At WKU, he made massive changes and still upgraded the scoring from 28.2 points per game to 30.8.

    So now you know why I am so excited. It’s not disappointment but pure excitement and joy. Experts have Louisville anywhere from 3 losses to CFP black sheep. I don’t know how we will finish but I just know one thing. I’m ready for some football.

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