Get To Know Eligible Grad Transfer Possibility Andrew White


If you are like me and don’t follow recruiting super close then you may not have had any idea who Andrew White was before yesterday. If you are like my guy Steve Rummage is with recruiting the when this kid came out of high school you knew who he was. One thing is for sure. If Steve gets excited about a player….YOU get excited about a player. When the news came about yesterday that Andrew White was basically just waiting for a Louisville offer, some people were skeptical. **cough cough Maybin** BUT if you were having an off day like my guy MM then you should’ve expected an L on this situation too. O. Wondering why that didn’t say LOL? Because Marques took all the L’s yesterday on Middays with Marques Maybin from 10-12 on 93.9 The Ville. (insert drum rimshot) Ok, joking aside, Andrew White is every bit the talent that Steve touted. He can shoot, pass and take it to the rack. Steve made the statement that with White our 2nd team could beat teams 18-25 in the country and I agree. Here are some highlights from Mr. White. You make your own opinion. (Click more for the videos)

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