Rozier Wins Playing Time?

Terry Rozier has been absolutely lighting up the courts during the various NBA Summer Leagues this season. In Vegas and in Utah he excelled. Celtics GM Danny Ainge has taken notice:

 “I think that Terry Rozier has made a great case for himself for next year,” Ainge said of last year’s No. 16 pick. “He’s been our best player from the first day of training camp this summer. He’s been terrific for us. He was a good player last year in training camp, just didn’t get a lot of opportunities because of our depth at guard. I think he’s winning a spot.” From ESPN’S Peter Forsberg

High praise from the GM. Whereas it normally takes a guy that doesn’t break through immediately awhile to get going, Rozier seems to be ahead of the game.

Go Colts & Go Cards!

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