Teddy Bridgewater Honors Prince


Teddy Bridgewater is a special person. We all know it. From his fearless play on the field to the charities he helps with off of the field to answering questions on Family Feud (Trees?), he has shown a lot of versatility. When Teddy joins a team and a city he entrenches himself in that city and loves that city like no other. It comes to no surprise that he is doing this in Minnesota. Here is an excerpt from CBS.com’s Sean Wagner-McGough’s article today:

If training camp serves as any indication, when Teddy Bridgewater steps up to the line of scrimmage this fall and surveys the defense, he’ll come armed with a new codeword that’ll be used to communicate with his offense. Every quarterback — not just Peyton Manning — is equipped with more than a few (with “Omaha” being the most notable), so this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

It also shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Bridgewater is paying tribute to Prince, who passed away at 57 in April, with his new codeword.

As ESPN reported, Bridgewater’s new line call is “Purple Rain.” At least that’s what he was using at the Vikings’ first padded-practice on Sunday.


It’s just Teddy being Legend…..wait for it….Teddy, LegendTeddy.



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