Keith Kelsey: Near Miss?


When I first seen the title of the article, I was angry then curious. Near miss? I wonder if anyone has ever called him that directly? I disagree just off of the title.

I then read the story and was angry for a different reason.

The article was talking about players that just barely missed being All ACC or All American status but could be by seasons end. They created a top 25 list. Keith Kelsey was not on it. Keith Kelsey is every bit the All-American in my eyes. Led the team in tackles, led the team period. The leadership qualities I’ve seen in that young man are the stuff champs are made from. Here’s what ESPN had to say:


Louisville linebacker Keith Kelsey: We understand any Cardinals fans who want to argue this omission from the top 25. Kelsey is terrific. He’s the glue of the Louisville defense, racking up 107 tackles last season — including 12 for a loss — while adding 3.5 sacks and seven QB hurries. Kelsey’s biggest obstacle to the top 25 was the talent surrounding him, including DeAngelo Brown and Devonte Fields, who both cracked the list. Teammate Josh Harvey-Clemons was another tough omission.

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