Nunnsense: Dear Charlotte, We’re Sorry In Advance



Dear Charlotte,

As University of Louisville fans, we would like to apologize for the thumping we are about to administer to you. It’s nothing personal but we need to do this for us. You see things have been a little chaotic here at Louisville and we must let out some frustration. You just happen to be at the right place at the wrong time.

It all started about a year ago when our football season didn’t start out as scripted. We had the opportunity to beat a highly ranked SEC school to open the season. We couldn’t pull off the victory and to make matters worse, that SEC school turned out to be way overrated. We followed that loss up with two more. Yes we started the season 0-3. The season turned around and ended on a positive note but our frustrating year wasn’t just limited to one sport.

Before the basketball season could get underway, an aspiring young author wrote a book claiming to have been paid to dance and have relations with our players in the basketball dorm over the past four years. Although this author doesn’t seem trustworthy, her book was enough to start a NCAA investigation. Even though her facts have yet to be proven to the public, the university felt it would be best to impose a post season ban on a team with a legitimate chance to advance to another final four.

Meanwhile one of our boosters accused our ex football coach of having an affair with his wife. That mess was quickly settled but it was made public and brought more negativity upon us in the worst possible time.

Our baseball season was going really well and we had hopes of another trip to Omaha but our season hit a premature end in the regionals after dropping back to back games.

The Board of Trustees is in a complete state of turmoil. To the outsiders it appears to be a three-ring circus. The board tried to get rid of the president but failed to follow proper procedure so the president offered his resignation to the governor, who happens to be a huge fan of our in state rival,  if in return the governor would get rid of the current board and appoint a new board. So he did only to have a judge render the governor’s decision  invalid and the old board was put back into place without a president.

So you see Charlotte, it’s not you, it’s us.  Not only are we excited about the promise of our young football team, we really need some positivity around here. Our advice to you is that you do not check the Las Vegas spread on the game. Trust us, it’s ugly and we don’t think it’s enough. We wish you well the rest of the season and hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Louisville. We hope you win every other game you play this year but we must do what has to be done on September 1st. We’re Sorry!


Louisville Fans


As always, GO CARDS!

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