Get Well Soon Teddy

Teddy Bridgewater

Today sucks.

I honestly thought that should be it for this post because that about sums it up. Today, one of the greatest people and athletes from Louisville went down with what is right now termed as a ‘significant knee injury’ during the teams practice today.

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This is a big blow to Teddy, who has worked hard this offseason to improve his ability to throw it deep and it clearly showed during the preseason.

This is hard for Louisville fans because we root for Teddy probably more than any person I have known to come from this university.

Teddy Bridgewater
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I am saddened for Teddy (and Mama Rose) but I know Teddy will bounce back and come back even better.  One thing we know for sure around here is to not count out Teddy Bridgewater.

Teddy left the University of Louisville as a beloved person in the community. He is one of those special people who just happened to also play a sport.  His first act as a rich NFL player was to buy his mom, a breast cancer survivor, a pink escalade to celebrate HER.  This guy gets it and knows that life is really about. During the ultimate culmination of his life’s hard work, he wanted to celebrate someone else.  That is the person that we all grew to love and root for, that is the person we will still root for moving forward.

Teddy will prove the doubters wrong again when he comes back.  I remember hearing about his small hands and skinny knees. I remember hearing about his lack of ability at the pro level compared to Blake Bortles and Johnny Manziel. I remember the pro day and the dropped balls.

Teddy Bridgewater
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You know what else I remember? I remember a player who still was a 1st round pick.  I remember the player who has the best completion percentage of ANY QUARTERBACK EVER under the age of 25. I remember the playoff berth last year, and…oh yeah, I remember the pro bowl last season.

Teddy has made a career of proving doubters wrong and I have no doubt he will do it again.  Until then, on behalf of every Louisville and probably every football or human fan, I say get well soon.

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