Welcome To The Show (Highlight Video)


Photo: ESPN.com

Bobby Petrino said at the kickoff luncheon that he wanted to get back to lighting up the scoreboard. He wasn’t joking. After watching the opening game, I think it’s safe to say that Bobby Ball is back. Eric Crawford of WDRB did the math and said, ” How dominant was Louisville’s first-half offense? It scored a touchdown every 4.875 plays. It had 25 first downs on 39 first-half plays. It averaged 11.8 yards per snap.” I haven’t seen 70 points since Cincinnati stomped on the Cardinal Bird prior to the 2004 game at PJCS. I pray FSU stomps on the bird on Sept 17th.image

Bobby, Lamar and the boys put on quite a show against Charlotte this past Thursday night to kickoff the 2016 season. Unless you were at a wedding or you are the guy that was passed out on the curb, you got to see a great show. If you were one of those guys or if you just want to relive it again, here is a highlight video of the show.Enjoy!

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