A Season With….FSU’s Buttwhipping


In case you have been living under a rock or like me have just been way too busy with life, you have heard about the Showtime series: A Season With FSU Football. I had heard about it at the beginning of the season and immediately thought, great they will make a mockery of our program if we happen to lose. I did NOTĀ think we would lose but on the off chance I wasn’t too pleased that they could use it as a recruiting tool. My how the tables have turned. Since we decimated them I suddenly was OK with the revolution being televised. So after I got home from the gym today I turned it on. It was a very good program as far as insight into the program and college football as a whole. The victory was a much appreciated cherry on the top. In case you have not watched it, here you go. Sorry for taking so long to post it but I did move into a new house last week and am still getting it together.

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