BucketHatism: BYE Week


**The court was closed in observance of the BYE week.**

While sitting around the house trying to get excited about the first Cardinal-less football week since August 27th, the BHK jotted notes down. I admit, these notes veered away from football at times but I blame the disappointing games that I saw this week.  Here are some things I jotted down from the last 8 days without Cardinal football:


  • I thought Sunday was hard after the Clemson game, try last week.  I know people may call me crazy but I seriously think we pissed off the programming director at ESPN back in the late 80’s or early 90’s.  I say this because ESPN replayed the Clemson game damn near every night last week. It was like getting punched in the face every night just as your nose was healing. And I get that it was a great game and we are still the talk of College Football, but that game will be a game I will probably never watch again. I put it up there with the NCAA tourney game against that team down the road in 2014. Burn the tape.

  • Thanks for all the highlight videos of the first 5 games, they helped a lot.
  • I can’t be the only one who is now spoiled by GameDay and feeling a certain way about Louisville not being involved this weekend. We took over College Football the last few weeks of September. You almost expect to host it every weekend now lol.
  • I successfully got my junk room in my house organized and cleaned out, it is now a decent spare bedroom.  Thanks bye week.
  • I also was able to cut the grass for the first time since the week of the Marshall game. Found some Monopoly pieces and the Above the Rim soundtrack in there, so this weekend was a win.
  • How far has the Red River Rivalry fallen in the past few years?? It used to be the marquee game on ABC, now it has fallen to Fox Sports One. I really thought Charlie and friends would pull it out but then the secondary proved that was a lie.  Charlie is calling defensive plays now (pssst… he has been calling them all year)  so there is nowhere to hide from the scrutiny.  Never thought I would see a Strong/Bedford coached defense give up 40 ppg.  That leads me to believe that guys like Pryor, Holliman, Gaines, Lozo, Mount, Dubose, Dunn, and Preston Brown to name a few were truly one of a kind.  Either way, looks like our ex in Texas is about to put his house on the market.
  • I watched the Notre Dame/N.C. State game just to see the slop fest. N.C. State plays on natural grass, N.C State stadium operators have no concept of a drainage system. See Southern Miss  vs. Louisville in 2012 and thank me later.
  • Blame the Clemson loss on Jeremy 55.   He knows why…….


  • Feels like we have not been in PJCS since the Charlotte game. I think this is the second or third year in a row that there has been a month between home games. Almost forget what PJCS looks like.
  • FRIDAY IS A BLACKOUT!!! WEAR BLACK!!! I am yelling this because every year there will be a fan who refuses to accept the fact they are supposed to wear black. And then you see the game on TV and there they are wearing a green blouse or a purple windbreaker.  It gets annoying.  Save this bullet point for the white out game in the YUM this year. Wear black, it is not that hard. Not lavender, not dark grey, not navy blue, BLACK.  Don’t be that fan.
  • Debate night on Twitter is almost as entertaining as game night on Twitter.
  • $20 bucks and a beer to the person who dresses as Ken Bone for the Halloween.
  • Special shout out to the Clemson fans that I have picked up in the past few weeks that continue to twist the knife.
  • Ben Boulware chokes players………that is all.
  • Ben Boulware tackles players using their neck.
  • Ben Boulware destroyed Patrick Towles. (Slow clap)
  • Houston……..why are you the way you are???  You had one job, get to Nov. 17th undefeated and set up a classic Thursday showdown with Louisville.  Instead you go to Maryland and get run over by an option team, and I do mean literally run over. Navy’s QB ran through you like Joella’s Hot Chicken runs through most Louisville residents. The sound you hear is Houston’s playoff and Greg Ward’s Heisman chances exploding. Though this is a small blow to the Cards making the playoffs, Louisville still sits in great shape to finish strong and let the cards fall into place (pun intended).  People tend to forget that Michigan and Ohio State have to play each other,  Bama has to play Tennessee and Texas A&M which are no easy feats, and Washington has a dangerous game at Utah who always plays well at home. Louisville just needs to destroy everyone left on the schedule and I promise it will work out. Just win baby…
  • I am glad Florida State threw us a bone and won on Saturday. Also it is nice to see Miami fans are still classy. Lets throw bottles and trash on the field  after a bad call. Cane Shades would be proud.  Also, what has the Dolphins organization done to the stadium??  It’s like they wanted to upgrade it for NFL purposes but got confused midway through and just decided to slap a sh*tty roof on the damn thing and hope we didn’t notice. Hold this L.
  • Sorry, I am still not in b-ball mode.  I won’t be until late December, maybe January. This is Louisville, we actually have good teams year round, not just 5 months out of the year.
  • Sweet, merciful Jesus what has happened to Oregon, Michigan State, and TCU?? Oregon getting curbstomed at home by 49? Michigan State was in the playoffs last year now they are 2-4.  TCU barely beating Kansas?? Kansas? Kansas who once employed the actor from Jake and the Fatman as thier coach?? Kansas?? Really? Kansas? The Matrix needs to reset, or maybe it’s time for a shift in college football. Hello Louisville……
  • I am just realizing there is a Smashburger near my job.  I feel ashamed to type that.
  • The crazy ex-girlfriends of my Twitter family are fun to interact with on a Saturday night. If your breath stinks and your can’t afford Netflix you probably shouldn’t pick fights.
  • I said it on Twitter but want to reiterate it here.  I feel that James Quick will have a game that will shut up all the critics he has made his 4 years here at UofL. The game will be in the bowl game or when we really need a play made. That kid has had some hard luck each year, but he has also played he ass off this year so cut the sh*t and stop coming at him sideways on Twitter. Your fat a** is not going to outrun him on a field and you would also drop the pass on 4th and 12.  We are all coaches on Monday when we are sitting in our offices and cubicles, myself included. Quick will redeem himself and make us look foolish doing it.
  • I hung out with TBG and we traded brisket rub secrets while eating ribs.
  • No we didn’t, I ate egg whites and turkey sausage alone with my dog.
  • I used the Bye Week to finish Luke Cage and restart my Shameless binge watch. Frank Gallagher is the worst, but I can’t stop watching.
  • In case you missed it, Georgia and South Carolina played yesterday.  Will Muschamp continues to ruin every SEC school in the Eastern Division.
  • My Raiders are 4-1, I don’t get to type that often.
  • Soda is not called soda, it is called “Pop”.  If you don’t like the fact that I call it pop, meet me outside of Gate 1 and run my fade.
  • Rutgers must quit football forever.  I have 78 reasons why.

And in closing the Bucket Hat King will be back in the saddle for the game against Duke. If you have not been to a Friday night game in the Papa then you should change that. Cards have played classics on Friday’s, we all remember the Cincy game in the rain and cold.  I think this is the first Friday game at home since Bobby has come back. It’s the only time adults can drop the kids off at their high school games and go hang out at the college game while getting trashed and sending an UBER for the kid later. The crowd will be insane, and I am hearing rumblings about new black uniforms and helmets.  Also, my dog chose the bye week to pick up his old habit of digging massive holes in the backyard. The BHK already had to dodge his fecal grenades when cutting the grass  now he has to deal with high ankle sprains from stepping in the holes.  If anyone knows of a good dog repellent once I have filled the holes, the BHK would appreciate it if you drop him a bone or two….dammit, I mean leave a comment or send a DM.

Court adjourned (left gavel at office, bangs remote)


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