CFP Games Of Interest: BC Week


Here are the times & channels for this weeks games of interest pertaining to Louisville & their chances at making the CFP. First up:

#7 Louisville at Boston College

Time: Noon

Channel: ESPN

Odds: Louisville by 25

I found out this week that Patty Ice is kinda like Bud Ice. I will take your word on it Bbn. The Cardinals take out their frustrations on BC and Pat Ice. 35-13

#4 Texas A&M at Miss State

Time: Noon


Favorite: A&M by 13

A&M is the talk of College Football for all of the wrong reasons. They will stumble down the stretch. It won’t be this week. A&M wins and covers the spread.


Maryland at #3 Michigan

Time: 3:30

Channel: ESPN

Favorite: Michigan by 31

Not gonna waste my time. Michigan by eleventy billion.


Syracuse at #2 Clemson

Time: 3:30

Channel: ABC

Favorite: Clemson by 27

Clemson is not going to cover. It will be another John Elway type drive to beat the fighting Babers. They will win though because that’s what Clemson does. This is in my opinion the best chance at a top 4 upset.

#1 Alabama at #13 LSU

Time: 8pm

Channel: CBS

Favorite: Bama by 7.5

This could go either way but if LSU wins it wouldn’t be an upset. I think Bama wins a typical 7-6 classic. That 7 is an interception return for a TD by the way.


Other games of interest:

#5 Washington at Cal

Time: 10:30 pm

Channel: ESPN

Favorite: Washington by 17


#10 Nebraska at #8 Ohio State 

Time: 8pm

Channel: ABC

Favorite: OSU by 17


#11 Florida at Arkansas

Time: 3:30

Channel: CBS

Favorite: Florida by 4


Ranked team that’s a lock TO LOSE

Iowa at #12 Penn State 

Time: 7:30 pm

Channel: Big Ten Network

Favorite: Penn State by 7

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