Updated Odds To Win The College Football Playoffs

(Photo Cred: Football Scoop)
(Photo Cred: Football Scoop)

Alabama remains the heavy favorite and Louisville is third choice. I see a lot of value betting against Alabama, if you are into that type of thing. I believe Alabam is the best team but their kryptonite is a dual-threat quarterback. Ohio State, Louisville and Clemson (who I believe should all be in the playoffs) all have quarterbacks who posses the dual-threat ability. D. Watson accounted for 478 yards and 4 touchdowns last year in the national championship game vs Alabama. I know Clemson didn’t end up winning but they were close. This year, if the top 4 betting choices make the playoffs, Bama would have to face its kryptonite in the semifinal and final game in order to win the championship. From a betting value standpoint I say no thank you. I’ll put my money with my heart and lay it all on my Cards!

  • Here are the updated odds to win the college football playoffs from sportsbook.ag


Or if you prefer,

  • Alabama – 5-6
  • Ohio State – 5-2
  • Louisville – 7-1
  • Clemson – 10-1

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